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Cross-border Financial Investment(QDIE)

What is QDIE? On June 27, 2012, the State Council approved 22 pre-test policies for Qianhai Development and Opening, one of which involved in foreign equity investment fund innovation by supporting foreign-invested equity funds including Hong Kong to innovate in Qianhai, and actively exploring foreign equity A new model for investment companies in terms of capital settlement, investment, and fund management. That is the QDLP we have been talking about.


BVI Company Registration

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is one of the fastest growing offshore investment centers in the world. Companies registered in BVI are known as BVI companies and are commonly found in VIE trading frameworks for listing overseas or in Hong Kong.


Commercial Factoring

Commercial factoring means that the supplier will transfer the accounts receivable arising from the goods sales/service contract entered into with the purchaser to the factor, and the factor will provide accounts receivable financing and accounts receivable management. And trade financing tools for integrated financial services such as collection and credit risk management. The essence of commercial factoring is that suppliers rely on commercial transactions to convert the credit of core compani


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