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From 1 to 100, hexcubes improves enterprise systematic services.

Writing business plan

The business plan is called Business Plan, or BP, which is a comprehensive project plan. Its purpose is to give reference to project investors so that they can make scientific and comprehensive judgments on enterprises or projects. The investment in the project provides an intuitive reference, which in turn is a “green card” for the project or the company to obtain investor financing. It can be seen that the project can get the favor of investors who willing to give you financing, basically depe


Writing feasibility study report

At present, most small and medium-sized enterprises lack of professional ability to write feasibility study reports, lack of systematic integration and comprehensive analysis capabilities of the project, resulting in the inability to obtain the favor of investment institutions and bank loans.


High-tech enterprise certification

In order to promote the creation of new technologies and new formats for science and technology enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, and to promote economic upgrading and development, high-tech enterprises have certain preferential policies in taxation, talent housing subsidies, and deductions for R&D expenses. High-tech enterprises are divided into Shenzhen high-tech enterprises and national high-tech enterprises. Among them, national high-tech enterprises have higher rec


The "double soft" certification



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