Corporate Services

From 1 to 100, hexcubes improves enterprise systematic services.

Commercial Factoring

Commercial factoring means that the supplier will transfer the accounts receivable arising from the goods sales/service contract entered into with the purchaser to the factor, and the factor will provide accounts receivable financing and accounts receivable management. And trade financing tools for integrated financial services such as collection and credit risk management. The essence of commercial factoring is that suppliers rely on commercial transactions to convert the credit of core compani


Financial Lease

融資租賃介紹 營業範圍:融資租賃業務;租賃業務;向國內外購買租賃財產;租賃財產的殘值處理及維修;租賃交易諮詢和擔保;經審批部門批准的其他業務,


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